Enhancement and sustainable management of agribusiness and agro-entrepreneurial resources, competencies and standards essential for economic development, environmental integrity and global competitiveness.


The Department of Agricultural Management as key center of studies in agricultural economics and agribusiness in the region.


The academic and research programs including manpower and facilities are continuously upgraded to achieve the department’s mission:

To enhance the quality of the management of problems and sustainable development efforts of agricultural and related sectors through the provision of economic and management knowledge, analytical skills, and competent agents of socio-economic change.


To provide students with a university-level education so that they may fully contribute to the economic development and integrate with local, national, and global communities.

To provide students with the essential knowledge and understanding to permit them to perform effective professional role in a dynamic, economic, and social environment.

To equip students with analytical and planning skills in solving real-world problems.

To train students to a level of competence that would enable them to be entrepreneur and/or employed in the public or private sectors of the economy in professional, managerial, and executive positions.

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