Sustain continuing professional growth in   the field of Agriculture and develop leaders with high-level training in Animal Science and Biotechnological research and offer opportunities for advanced training, re-training and upgrading of already qualified personnel fielded in various government services and in private enterprises.


The Department of Animal Science as a major unit of the College of Agriculture is dedicated to service and excellence through the provision of relevant instruction and the promotion of research, production, and development endeavors.


The Department of Animal Science shall contribute to the promotion of the skilled and educated human resource in the continuing quest for the truth and the upgrading of science and technology for sustainable development and global competitiveness.


To provide basic education & training in animal science on the various areas of specialization appropriate in a highly dynamic society.

To develop a culture of relevant researches & appropriate training skills among students to improve their capabilities to undertake scholarly studies & entrepreneurial endeavors in various commodities.

To help animal science students develop values appropriate to a human society and a sense of  commitment primarily to be of service to their countrymen.

To prepare graduates in a civil society who will respond favorably to the demands of a global economy.

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