The College offers degree programs in the undergradu¬ate levels, as follows:

* BS in Agriculture (BSA)

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture provides an academic foundation lor (hose wishing to practice ag¬riculture on a professional level. The degree program has five major fields of specialisation, namely; Agri¬cultural Economics, Animal Science, Crop Science, Pest Management and Soil Science.

* BS in Agribusiness Management (BSAM)

The Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management provides relevant education linking management and agricultural science for those wishing to pursue a career in the technical and commercial management of agriculture and related industries.


Also offered by the College are various special short-term courses ranging from one to six month.

* Beef Cattle Production  
* Vegetable Production
* Dairy Production   
* Rice Production
* Poultry Production   
* Seed Production
* Swine Production   
* Fruit Crop Production
* Onion Production   
* CFA Production

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